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Power Wheels Blue Charger

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BrandPower WheelsColorBlueContains BatteriesY  

Power Wheels 6 Volt Charger


The Power Wheels 6-volt battery charger charges one 6-volt blue Power Wheels battery. This OEM charger is manufactured specifically for the 6V Blue Power Wheels battery.


  • Voltage: 6
  • Charge Rate: 0.4 Amp Hours
  • Terminal: Flat Connector
  • Weight: 2 LBS

Power Wheels Battery and Charger 4 amp Blue 00801-1781 00801-1457Power Wheels Battery and Charger 4 amp Blue 00801-1781, 00801-1457 Replaces PowerWheels Part Numbers Number 00801-1457, 00801-1781 6 Volt Blue Battery Genuine Power-Wheels Replacement Battery & Charger Replacement 6 volt battery and charger made to fit a variety of different Power Wheels battery powered vehicles. Fits many different Power-Wheels 6 volt models, including those listed below. Genuine PowerWheels replacement battery and charger.

Using the wrong battery on your Power Wheels may cause serious damage or injury, please confirm that this is the correct part for your model before purchasing and installing.

Fits Power Wheels Models:

74230-9993 Harley Davidson Lil Motorcycle Ride On 74380-9993 Lil Quad 75320-9993 Bubble Tractor 75520-9993 Lil Kawasaki 76089-835604AH Lil Suzuki 76089-9993 Lil Suzuki 76104-836804AH Ballet Barbie 76104-9993 Ballet Barbie 76790-9993 Get Set Go! Kart 76920-9993 Lil Kawasaki 76921-9993 Lil Kawasaki 76922-9993 Barbie Songbird 76937-9993 Lil Kawasaki Premium 76940-9993 Lil Kawasaki 76941-9564 Lil Kawasaki 76950-9993 Rock And Roll 76953-9564 Rock And Roll 76980-9993 Barbie Songbird 76990-9993 Lil Kawasaki 77440-9993 Lil Kawasaki 77760-9993 Lil Quad 77767-9993 Lil Barbie Trailrider 77768-9993 Lil Kawasaki 78550-9993 Butterfly Princess 78560-83580 Lil Jake 78560-9993 Lil Jake 78600-9993 Caterpillar Front Loader Jr. 78780-9993 Get Set Go! Kart B0263-9993 Get Set Go! Kart B1503-9993 Power Wheels Lil Harley Motorcycle CBX26 Lawn Tractor G2580 Little People Tot Rod H4793 Little People Tot Rod J4030 Dora Get Set Go! Kart J7825 Dora Lil Quad K0451 Lil Barbie Trail Rider K0452 Lil Kfx K3034 My First Craftsman K4565 Diego Lil Quad M0411 Pink Tot Rod M1349 School Bus M1350 Firetruck M5130 Go! Kart M5728 Batman Lil Quad M7331 Lil Quad Restage N2892 Barbie Princess Lil Quad N8379 Lil Quad Pink N8415 Little People School Bus N9356 Hot Wheels Jeep N9732 Barbie Jeep Wrangler P5065 Harley Rocker P5921 Hot Wheels VW Beetle P6830 Barbie VW Beetle R2510 Disney Princess Tot Rod R8932 PW Hot Wheels Jeep T1961 Barbie Jeep Lil Wrangler T3260 Handy Manny Tot Rod T3639 Lil Lightning McQueen T4869 Pink Harley Rocker T4963 Thomas The Tank Engine T5003 Toy Story Lil Quad T5427 Princess Tot Rod V3298 Toy Story Tot Rod V3299 Mickey Mouse Tot Rod V3710 Doras Tenth Lil Quad V4100 Mater X0071 Hot Wheels Blitz Jeep

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